Steal from your man
Ophelia Cook

You would think Pep Noir is only for men. Not at all! This is unbelievable! I love it! The warmth of black pepper is sweet and aromatic. There's a refreshing citrus note and delicious frankincense too. I bought this for my husband and I've ended up stealing it from him. Will definitely repurchase!

Chris Snell

Like all Bodhi and Birch products, Pep Noir has a wonderfully natural aroma and aura of freshness. It has a distinctly invigorating effect when used in the shower, and is a great way to start the day.

The only problem with Bodhi & Birch's products is that they spoil you for anything else!

My introduction to Bodhi & Birch
Neil C

This is another one of my favourites and was my introduction to Bodhi & Birch products. I've been using this for a few years and it never disappoints. The aroma is an amazing blend of peppery goodness, and lathering up makes your skin silky smooth. If you're looking for something that isn't floral, then this is the product to try.

Pep Noir - Prepped for the day!
Martin Dean

It's impossible to give this anything less then 5 stars!

I was lucky enough to try some of Elijah's products in the early days of Bodhi & Birch - and have gone from being sceptical to convert.

Pep Noir is an invigorating and heady mix of scents and botanicals that leaves me feeling energised and primed for the day ahead. More surprisingly however (to me), is that I can tell in terms of my skin and general well being whenever I run out and revert back to anything else. If you are looking for something a little different, give this a go - you won't be disappointed!

My Favourite
Dan Vasile

This has been the only shower gel I have been using since I first tried it a few years back. It has an smooth spicy aroma to which I have become enthralled.