A true remedy

Not only does this smell gorgeous and feel so gentle on the skin, it's a true remedy for headaches and colds. I breathe this in while in the shower (or bath) when I have a migraine and it eases the tension, and it really helps clear the sinuses if you're sniffly or colded up. A staple in our house!

Refreshment for senses and skin
Sarah Ellie Moore

If happiness can be bottled, this is it!

Every Mint Thé shower I had is uplifting and refreshing, a perfect way to wash away a stressful day. Equally good in colder months since it is cooling and equally warming at the same time.

The scent is fresh, sophisticated and my skin feel ridiculously silky soft after every use. Definitely worth it!

SLS Free Mint Shower Gel
Andy Millward

Mint Thé is a firm favourite in my house and unlike any mint shower gel I had used before. The scent is light, fresh and isn’t just one flat hit of mint. This contains a blend of peppermint and spearmint plus eucalyptus, frankincense, marjoram, lavender and many other essential oils, for a more complex fragrance.

Despite this being more a summer scent, due to it being cooling and refreshing (perfect hot weather), Bodhi & Birch Mint Thé has taken permanent residency in my bathroom. It’s my other half’s absolutely favourite from the range so there is always a bottle on the go. I love the entire range so like to rotate depending on my mood, however I have to make sure I get in quick with Mint Thé before it gets used up!

If you’re looking for a refreshing, authentic mint smelling, non-tingle, SLS free shower gel, then I highly recommend this one!

Best (Mint) Shower Gel. Ever.
Rachel Mason

Just when you think you have tried every minty shower gel there is in the market you come across this sensuous sublime creation! It's mint but it is so much more than just mint! I love the initial blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and spearmint. Just when you think it's just another single facetted fragranced shower gel, you are greeted with a bouquet of curative herbs. Finally the warmth and sobriety of frankincense. Genius. Indispensable.

Mint Mint Mint!
Martin Dean

This may have approximately the same 'wake up' and 'energise me now' value as immersing yourself headfirst in glacial meltwater...

Joking aside, this lives in both my sports bag and carry-on so its always at hand (alongside my trusty Pep Noir) as it makes every other 'energise me' type product pale by comparison!