Margaret Conway

It's taken a while to write this as I was lucky enough to try all the superfood series before it was released. What can I say, I tried all these and among my favourites is the Super25 Botanical Serum which I have been using ever since. A bottle lasts a long long time so it is worth the money, and also Lemon Water Hydrosol Tonic lasts for ages.

I have ordered this mini kit for a booster of the full regime. I like it that much and am so happy Elijah brought out the mini sizes. Following his tip I like to add a bit of the Desert Rose Facial Oil to the Super25 Serum mainly because I love it and don’t want to leave it out.

Super Skincare super service
Fay Knight

This a gorgeously cute set to try the Superfoods Series. It contains all five products and a super soft crocheted face cloth so I can try each on their own or mix them to creating the perfect skincare to suit me. My favourites are Super25, Avo Balm, Renshen Mask, Tomato Oil and the Lemon Water Mist. I love all of them! Stunning range and top customer service! Thanks for the extra Desert Rose Oil too x