Gorgeous scent and luxurious packaging
Amanda Wilton

This was given to me as a gift set and the packaging was beautiful and luxurious.

The scent is gorgeous and lingers on my skin for a noticeable period of time. It was strong when I was using it in the shower but stays subtle and delicious on my skin. I have sensitive skin which usually reacts to most scented products but this did not leave me feeling irritated at all. Instead it left my skin feeling smooth.

I've bought a new bottle as a treat for myself since.

Perfume Please
Gemma Woods

Love this so much. I have had numerous compliments about its beautiful scent every time I've used it and I wasn't even wearing a fragrance. So please create a perfume in this scent for me.

Divine. Delectable.
Ulla Presley-Hendon

Luxurious grown-up scent that gathers compliments. Natural formulation keeps my skin soft, smooth and supple. Keeper.