Beautiful and rich

A beautifully rich creamy cleanser. Smells divine, cleanses beautifully and helps hydrate the skin.

Belated Compliments for a Top Cleanser
Ophelia Hulme

I've finally used up my first bottle of your cleanser, after 3 months, and I adore it. I wasn't sure about this to begin with since my usual cleanser is unscented and this is has a rose and neroli scent. First impressions were great but over time the clarity of my skin has improved by leaps and bounds. I get complimented all the time and I love it! Just bought my second bottle and I will be back for my third in another three month's time. Great service too!

Best Cleanser Ever
Susan Lynch

I've not heard of Bodhi & Birch until I received this cleanser in a beauty box. It is one of the best cleansers I have ever come across. One pump does it all but I prefer to use two pumps if I am removing makeup. My skin looks soft and dewy since using it. Recommended.

Very nice cleanser

I really enjoyed using this product.

Skin Radiance in a bottle
Jo Larrington

This is my favourite cleanser! My skin looks radiant and flawless in just one use. I'm not sure how it works but it is a cleansing cream that effectively removes make up, but if I add water it foams gently to lift off all the dirt to leave my skin clean and dewy. And it lasts ages!

Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser

Absolutely beautiful. Smells delicious and cleanses brilliantly.