Luxuriously Yummy

Oh the fragrance is yummy! Green chocolatey marzipan... and how is that possible when it doesn't contain essential oils? cleansing balm. Works a treat!!

Didn’t agree with my combination skin type
W Nopan

I really wanted to love this. I tried the tomato seed oil previously and it was fabulous. However this balm irritated my combination 50 something skin, causing multiple breakouts. I kept persevering hoping it’d clear but 2 months down the line it’s worse than ever. I suspect from previous reviews that this is fabulous for dry skin, not prone to spots.

Cleanses like a dream

This balm appeared on my Instagram some months ago and after googling it for reviews I finally bought it. I have very dry mature skin that is reddish. It is a soft buttery texture like a green butter with tiny darker green spirulina specks in it. It glides on and melts on contact to remove all makeup even waterproof. I remove it with a warm cloth. I sometimes massage it with wet hands and it turns the melted balm into a thin milk, then repeat to rinse it off. I read the previous review that it doesn't cleanse and she didn't like the smell. Maybe she has oily skin and this balm is for dry skin. Perhaps try a double cleanse. After using this cleansing balm for a few months it has helped me tremendously. My skin is now radiant and glowing, in a very good healthy way. Lines are less noticeable and overall my skin looks amazing and youthful. The scent is delicious and the jar lasts a long time.

The Balm to top all cleansing balms

Just re-ordered my holy grail balm of all cleansing balms and remembered I just had to leave a review.

This is luxury in a jar; the scent is delicious. How you have created this beauty without a drop of essential oil is beyond magic. It melts on contact with skin and provides a brilliant texture to work with. Makes no effort of removing makeup and dirt in pores. My skin loves it and I love how clean and bright my skin looks.

Can I also mention I have no idea what the last review by Anastasia is all about!! I can't believe you had so many problems with a product this perfect.

Well I LOVE everything about it! Highly recommended xx

Doesn’t cleanse

The balm has a nice texture and lovely colour. I found the smell to be overwhelming — all the ingredients individually smell wonderful but there are just too many scents ‘happening’ at the same time and it becomes too powerful. The most important thing however is that it doesn’t cleanse, it’s just like smothering one’s face with oils — there is no emulsifier so it leaves a greasy film on your face. It’s a cleanser that needs to be removed by another cleanser. Have a full jar and don’t really know what to do with it. Maybe will use as a body oil.

Green in more ways than one
Katie Pilkington

Lusciously green colour and with top green credentials too! I love this Avo Bao Cleansing Balm; the colour, the texture, the scent, the tiny flecks of spirulina, the nourishing feel, and most of all how it transforms my cleansing ritual into a skin rejuvenating facial. I've received so many compliments on my skin I've lost count. I love it!


Avo Bao has a wonderful buttery texture, a pleasure to use morning & evenings, adore the perfect avocado green colour, although fragrance free it has a delicate aroma from all the beautiful ingredients, I adore this cleansing balm and recommend to everyone.

One of my favourite cleansing balms!

I love this balm. Melts on contact with the skin, strips make-up and cleanses the skin well. Fantastic!