Maggie Conway

This oil is the most beautiful oil I have ever used so much so I wish it had a matching perfume.This is on my forever list as you put it on the beautiful rose scent with a hint of lemon gradually settles down to amazing after scent with pink pepper making a subtle appearance and if I was wearing this I would definatly leave the perfume off as you don't need it with the fantastic scent you get from this gorgeous bottle.

A warming and scented experience

I love this body oil! Incredible warming scent that absorbs quickly and perfectly versatile for your hair!

My new Holy Grail Obsession
Jessie Uma Harper

Your Sicilian Rose Body Oil has made it into my Holy Grail list. I never thought anyone can reinvent rose, let alone for it to become my new obsession. Lush rosey and warm it reminds me of the Mediterranean. It has a serum like texture and it sinks in beautifully. My body looks and smells incredible. Thank you!