Transitional Skincare: From Summer into Autumn

As the days become shorter and the air gets cooler and drier, our skin will benefit from a little more TLC. Add to this the dry heat from radiators and it will create a stressful environment for the best of skin. So how do you transition your skincare from Summer into Autumn?

Step forward Super25 Botanical Serum. Packed with 25 active botanical oils, it soothes, heals, strengthens, smoothes, nourishes and protects skin from seasonal changes. Use on its own, add it to your facial oil or mix it with your moisturiser; its versatility is endless. Paired with Lemon Water Hydrosol Tonic with its surge of Hyaluronic Acid and you’ve got a formidable duo to see you through the cooler drier months.

Get glowing this Autumn!


By Nicola Murdock (not verified) on

I cannot be without this serum! The ingredients in this bottle of serum are so incredible, it suits the most sensitive of skins. It is a clever well thought out, balanced serum. Total nourishment and a great big hug full of love in a bottle!

By Elijah Choo on

Thank you for your wonderful comment Nicola, it is greatly appreciated. I'm so please you are a huge fan of Super25 Botanical Serum. You are a star! xx

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