Tamara & Amber Interview 

Tamara & Amber

We talked two of our favourite green beauty and lifestyle bloggers into interviewing each other. Tamara from rainbowfeet.co.uk and Amber of ambersbeautytalk.com quiz each other on beauty, fashion, perfume and blogging:

T: I think we know each other pretty well by now, but still there are a few things I am curious about. For starters, what kinds of posts do you enjoy writing most? 

A: Hopefully we'll get to know each other that little bit more after this! I love writing posts featuring products that I use on a daily basis for example my current makeup routine or haircare products I'm using as I find that they go down well with my readers but it's also nice to share the products that I reach for on a daily basis! I know you love writing in-depth posts about brands and products and they're always great to read - what's your favourite topic to write about - makeup, skincare or fashion?

T: Ouh, I wasn't expecting you to turn it around on me! At the moment I am really enjoying writing about fashion, but it does involve a lot more effort when it comes to pictures. I am not as happy being in front of the camera as being the one holding it. However, my absolute favourite posts to write are about perfume, unfortunately they don't seem to be that popular with my readers.  As I have been obsessing over survival programs lately, I'm curious what would you take with you to the jungle? You can only choose 5 things!

A: Ooh I love perfume too but it's such a personal product which might be why the posts may not be as popular with your readers? Oh that is tough - only 5! My first would definitely have to be a suncream - got to protect your skin from the sun! Then I'd have to choose a balm because they're so multipurpose, I could use as a cleanser and a moisturiser all over. I'd take a few bottles of Bodhi & Birch Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil as that's one of my favourite oils, plus lots of water and my phone - I'm obsessed, even though I probably couldn't use it ha!

I've recently got back into reading more - do you have any favourite books on green/eco themes right now?

T: Ha ha this is so funny, I was expecting you to say a knife, or something to start fire with! Why am I not surprised that you want to bring your phone... I suppose if you have a compass app, maps on it and the torch function does come in handy. Providing the battery doesn't die!  

When it comes to books I'm actually currently waiting to get my copy of "Slave to Fashion" by Safia Minney. She did a crowdfunding campaign for it last year and it should be released towards the end of April. I really loved both her previous books, so I am very curious about it. If we are talking about beauty, than the most recent and really in-depth book on the subject was from the founder of Content, Imelda Burke. I found 'The Nature of Beauty' to be very enjoyable and I loved how she approached such a vast subject that often gets very complex.

I know you like a bit of DIY when it comes to skincare, have you made anything lately?

A: Ha ha those things would be useful but typical me, worried about skincare and my phone! I'm currently waiting on Safia's book too, I couldn't resist the crowdfunder and I'm excited to receive it. I also love The Nature of Beauty - I'm only about 1/4 of the way through as I've been so busy recently but I'm loving it!

I used to do loads of DIY products when I first switched to green beauty like scrubs and body butters but now the most "do it yourself" products I have are powder face masks! I love clay masks as you can mix with pretty much whatever you like - water, honey, apple cider vinegar (a fave of mine if my skin is playing up - although it does stink)!

Do you have a favourite ingredient or type of product that you find yourself drawn to when picking out skincare?

T: Oh same, I used to make so many things in the beginning but lately clay masks are as adventurous as I get! I do actually like the apple cider vinegar scent, it's delicious. I dilute it in water for a weekly hair rinse. Generally speaking I tend to scan labels for problematic ingredients and look at formulation as a whole rather than a specific key miracle oil or extract. Yet I have noticed myself being a little more excited if I see sea buckthorn or tomato on the ingredients list. I think my tomato obsession is not going away anytime soon.

So what is it about neroli that you love so much? And if it wasn't neroli, what would be your next favourite scent?

A: I love sea buckthorn too and I prefer blends of a few oils rather than one or two miracle ingredients as well, My skin just absolutely seems to love neroli! Anything from toners to cleansers and moisturisers, my skin soaks it up! My favourite scent is probably products with peppermint or eucalyptus in them.

Seeing as you love to talk perfume so much, my last question would be what is your favourite perfume style or fragrance and do you match your skincare products with perfume you wear? I know Elijah is a big fan of pairing certain scents with his shower therapies...

T: I do love the scent of neroli, it's so uplifting, not super girly even though it's a floral yet still sexy. In general I really like light and playful fragrance like citrus and lilacs. I guess light florals are my go to. I used to have this peony perfume that was absolutely gorgeous and light, not stuffy or sickly at all. I haven't been able to find a replacement in the natural world yet. If we are talking evening, than it has to be jasmine! It has to be true jasmine though, there are so many jasmine scents that smell wrong but when it's done right there is nothing like it! I don't layer the scents simply because I am not patient enough. It's all on a whim with me, so I could use a neroli scented body oil and then add a few splashes of whatever perfume I fancy, but it's never planned or strategic. Luckily it has worked out well so far.

We hope you enjoyed the insight into the green bloggers’ world. You can find out more about Tamara at rainbowfeet.co.uk and Amber at ambersbeautytalk.com or follow them on Instagram @rainbowfeetblog and @ambersbeautytalk

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