The Ritual of Bathing

The ritual of bathing has evolved and changed again and again over the centuries. From Cleopatra’s famed milk and honey baths to the Roman’s communal experience, our bathing rituals are deeply intertwined with our social and cultural practises. What makes the simple act of bathing a ritual? We explore how bathing indulges our senses:

The ideal space – The perfect bath starts by creating the perfect environment. Whilst most of us won’t have much of a choice when it comes to location, there are many other factors that can help create an inviting bath. Lowered lighting and especially candlelight creates a cosy feel and adds warmth to the room whilst different coloured lighting can also create ambiance.

Make it cosy – Most people find a hot bath to be the perfect antidote to a cold day, whilst a cooler bath can be invigorating on a warm morning. Generally, the ideal temperature is around two degrees higher than body temperature, water that is too hot can damage the skin rather than nurture it.

Listen carefully – Whether you prefer a quiet experience or to indulge your hearing with music, sound can be an important part of bathing. If you prefer a quiet experience, many people find the sound of running water deeply relaxing, but several studies have also found music to have a positive effect on wellbeing and health, amplifying the bathing experience.

Amazing aromas – At Bodhi & Birch we created our wonderful bath and shower therapies to create a spa like experience anywhere. Each of our products take you on a scent journey. Whether it’s relaxing or invigorating our essential oil blends layer scents as top, middle and base notes, meaning they linger for longer. Our Assemblage Gift Set is the perfect way to discover our blends, with our beautifully presented travel collection which is perfectly portable.

Beautiful bubbles – Not many things can improve on the joyful experience of bathing as much as adding gorgeously soft, foamy bubbles. Whilst most bubble baths include harsh synthetic foaming agents, Bodhi & Birch bath and shower therapies use gentler, plant based alternatives for a bath that doesn’t dry the skin but gently nourishes and cleanses. If you have a drier skin type try adding a capful of our Flora Paradiso De-Stress Massage & Body Oil to envelope the skin in extra moisture, leaving it feeling sumptuous and silky.

We love that the ritual of bathing can make an everyday practise a luxury. Making time to switch off from the day to day noise of life and indulge our senses. Do you have a favourite bathing ritual?