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If there's one thing that excites us here at HQ it's discovering brands that share in our ethos – celebrating all that's ethically-sourced, sustainably produced, naturally inspired and beautifully made. 

Of course, it's a bonus when such brands hail from our British Isles, and when you get to speak to the creatives behind the process. Just as we have for you today!

We posed three different questions to each of our three creatives. Let's see how they responded...


Braintree Thoughtful Clothing

I love how the eco-design scene is...
“...becoming less of a ‘scene’ and more a way of life – a thoughtful way of life.”

The material that excites me most...
“ hemp. Our very first tee was made from a mixture of hemp and organic cotton. I love the unexpectedness of hemp; how it becomes so unique and beautiful the more you wash and wear it. It’s a natural plant that has so many uses and such a rich history, and interesting story!"

The biggest challenge we face is...
“...breaking down the barriers that are seen to exist between the fashion world and the sustainable living world. We create beautifully designed contemporary clothing made for the modern person – that just so happens to be made from amazing sustainable fabrics. Our message is that anyone can wear our clothing and that every little action does help. You don’t have to change your whole life in order to make a difference.” 

Rachel Kelly, Creative Director – Braintree Clothing


Victoria Jarman Jewellery

My customers are most excited by...
“...the range of ethical and environmentally-friendly options available! It's really improved in recent years but I think this is still relatively unknown, so customers searching for an eco option are often pleasantly surprised!”

For me, true sustainability means...
“...applying sustainable values to every aspect of my life, business included. So as well as the jewellery itself, I minimise chemicals in my workshop and also use recycled and recyclable packaging and office materials. I love this quote by Sydney Smith (1771-1845): 'It is the greatest of mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.' I try to do what I can.”

The biggest opportunity in eco-design comes from...
“ the jewellery industry, this has to be the great increase in the number of organisations providing ethical jewellery supplies. Customers can choose from recycled or Fairtrade gold, recycled silver and a range of ethically-sourced precious gemstones.”

Victoria Jarman, Founder & Designer – Victoria Jarman


Po-Zu Sustainable Shoes

I'm most inspired by...
“...biomimmicry; our Foot-Mattress design is based on the coconut husk's shock-absorber property. Its purpose in nature is to soften the impact when it falls down from the tree and to protect the nut from breaking. By using the same mechanism, our shoes provide outstanding cushioning and comfort. ”

The greatest challenge we've overcome is...
“...producing highly comfortable durable shoes that are made without glue.”

The one message we'd like to share with the world is...
“...that shoes often contain toxic substances, which are most harmful to the factory workers, the environment and wildlife. If you wear leather shoes, I’d suggest asking the brands you buy from if the shoes contain Chromium, which is one of the worst pollutants in the world.”

Sven Segal, Founder/Director – Po-Zu


With thanks to Rachel, Victoria and Sven for such thoughtful and thought-provoking responses. We can't champion these brands enough and hope you'll enjoy browsing their websites.

Now we'd love to hear from you. What's exciting you about the world of ethical design?

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