Eco Travel Hacks


There's a beautiful Gustave Flaubert saying, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 

For many this very feeling kindles a lifelong affair with adventure. Yet it can come with guilt – how to see more; experience more, at minimal cost to our surroundings?

We sought the thoughts of one of our favourite eco-conscious travellers, Jess Hunt of Rose & Fig...  

"The most sustainable thing a person can do is this: sit at home, and do nothing." This idea has stuck ever since a favourite college professor mentioned it some years ago. It's also reframed how I travel, be it for work, to visit family, or to take a big adventure into the unknown. Along the way, I've gathered these travel hacks aimed at making holidays as eco-friendly as possible...

Mindful journeys
Everyone knows the journey can be half the fun, but it also makes up a big part of your annual carbon footprint. Choosing a closer destination, travelling by overnight train, public bus, car-sharing, or renting a hybrid car are often more eco-friendly and less expensive than flying long haul. Not all flights are created equal either. Larger, newer planes are typically far more efficient than older smaller ones. And some airlines are more environmentally conscious than others.

Small gestures
A much smaller, simpler gesture lies in your dining habits. Tote a travel thermos and skip the endless disposable cups given on flights and in coffee shops. Dine in at restaurants. Order fewer animal-based products. Find local farmers' markets to scoop up fresh, local fruits and vegetables in the open air.

Tread lightly, pack lightly
Along with supporting ethically and environmentally-responsible hotels and entertainment, remember the lighter you pack the less tempted you'll be to haul back a load of souvenirs. Packing fewer clothes, more multi-use products and sample-size toiletries means a lighter load on your back, your wallet (those pesky baggage fees!), and the environment.

Excellent advice, thank you Jess!

Now it's your turn: be sure to share your top eco-travel hacks below and via social (#BBLeaf). For us, it's naturally tucking some travel size goodies in our bags. The Bath & Shower Therapies serve a triple eco-luxe dose, just as effective for freshening laundry and canine travel companions as they are in the hotel tub! 

Image courtesy of Rose & Fig


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