Celebrate the changing of the seasons

The changing of seasons is perhaps at its most magical and vibrant in the Autumn. The dramatic changes in the colours and the falling of the leaves signal that Winter is soon on its way. There is so much to enjoy and celebrate during this season, the Danish even have a word to describe the philosophy that helps them get through the cold dark Winters, they call it “Hygge” which can be roughly translated as cosy. Here are some of our favourite cosy things to do this Autumn:

Reconnect with the world – There is something incredibly special about taking a walk when the air is crisp and the leaves are crunching under your feet. With so many changes happening around us, Autumn is the perfect time to stop and reconnect with nature.

Winter warmers – Cocoa has been revered as a drink for thousands of years, in fact the Mayans used it as a ritual in important ceremonies. Make your usual hot chocolate extra special by adding a hint of warming spice, nutmeg and cinnamon both work perfectly for this.

Time to relax – With the dark cool evenings comes the perfect occasion to enjoy a hot bath. To make bath time a truly luxurious experience, indulge the senses with one of our Bath and shower therapies, we particularly love Siam Ginger Bath & Shower Therapy at this time of year, with its warming heart of galangal, turmeric, cardamom and kaffir lime leaf. Applying Ginger Brew Deep Tissue Massage & Body Oil on slightly damp skin will lock in moisture after the bath and soothe sore muscles even further whilst the aromatic blend of four ginger oils works to relax the senses.

Get lost in a good book – One of the easiest ways to escape daily life and to let your mind be free from the daily to do list. Getting lost in a good book is one of life’s great pleasures and perfect for the Autumn evenings. Make sure that at least once a week you unplug your electronics and hide away with your favourite read, even better explore something new.

We would love to know what you enjoy at this time of year. What are your Autumn favourites?


By Chloe (not verified) on

It is my favourite time of year. I love to go for long walks followed by an indulgent Bodhi & Birch bath.

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