Autumn Moments


There's nothing like those first hints of British autumn. The freshening of the air, the gentle turn in colour. Cosier instincts creeping in. 

But who says 'cosy' has to mean indoors? We're all for getting out, recharging our spirits, and embracing the best of the season. Here's how... 

1. Lovely long walks: a simple start. Grab a friend, grab the dog, take the whole family or stroll solo. Just get outside, escape the cities, and walk. Be sure to look around as you do – so much change happens above and below eye level!

2. Strength & speed: stave off restless spirits and take your workout outside. Sign up for one of UK marathons if you need an incentive. Or why not track down an outdoor gym – AKA 'grownup playground' – close to home? 

3. An autumn picnic: let's face it, food is always more fun eaten outside. Pick the next dry day and pack sandwiches, thermos flasks and blankets for snuggling. Even a cup of tea sipped in the garden offers a soothing treat.

4. Cinema under the stars: movies become all the more magical under a starry sky. Londoners should check out The London Riviera's calendar of free films this month. The rest of us should get researching projectors and planning some garden fun.

5. Weekends away: make the most of the 'off-season' and book yourself a staycation in a new-to-you spot. Top points for a spot with places to climb, trek and explore. 

6. Let nature inspire your creativity: draw, paint, write, or (adopting one of 2015's biggest trends!) do some colouring in. This isn't about talent. It's about watching the natural world, releasing tension and feeling alive.

7. Harvest time: we've officially hit harvest and spring bulb planting season. The garden-less can always assist a friend or look for local community projects. An extra pair of hands rarely goes unwelcome! 

8. Mindful moments: escape your screens and meditate. 10 minutes on a peaceful park bench is sure to recharge your mind and rev up your day.

9. Bonfire bliss: be it for meditative practise or more practical purpose, bonfires summon a real sense of autumn. Just remember to get the cocoa ready before you begin!

And finally, if there's just one thing you do this season...

10. Do nothing. Simply sit, admire and breathe. 

Tell us, what appeals and how do you like to get outside come autumn? We're also eager to hear from those further afield for whom autumn, or 'fall', means something quite different! Do leave a comment, or share your thoughts via social (#BBLeaf). 

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