70% Water + 30% Oil = Healthy Skin

Our skin needs a balance of water and oil for it to function at its best. One cannot do without the other. They are a heavenly pair working to impart youthfulness, softness, suppleness, strength and radiance to our skin.

The moment there is an imbalance, our skin becomes dry, breaks out, turns blotchy, shines like an oil slick, is inflamed, reddens, turns dull or does all of the above. And if this imbalance continues, it accelerates the ageing process causing our skin to weaken, creating imperfections, blemishes and wrinkles. A good balance of water hydration and oil moisture helps keep our skin healthy and slows down skin ageing.

So how do we keep our skin in perfect harmony?

Drink lots of water. And eat lots of fruit and veg. Our body needs water to function and our skin requires it to keep it plump and healthy. Sadly our body does not produce water so we need to replenish it frequently.

Our body does produce oil to moisturise our skin. However this can be compromised due to skin health, illness, climate, environmental aggressors, diet, harsh skincare products, and so on and so forth. Aim for a varied diet rich in good healthy oils.

When it comes to skincare, take a good look at your skincare products and routine. Avoid products that can weaken skin by creating an imbalance; harsh cleansers, drying toners, strong treatments and poor ingredients.

Choose products that are of the best quality. Invest in good skincare and keep your routine simple. If in doubt, question the brand; ask all you need to know. A good business has nothing to hide and will happily share their knowledge and expertise.

And just because a product works brilliantly on your friend’s skin doesn’t mean it may work for you. So if you need assistance or advise, just ask. It’ll be our pleasure to chat with you.